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G&S Boxing

G&S top pro speedbag swivels, with their knurled barrels seated in precision machined mounting bases have made speedbags hum in boxing gyms throughout the world for nearly 75 years. The smoothness of the ball bearing mechanism allows the user to hit the speedbag to a staccato blur, and has set the benchmark for the world of speedbag swivels.

The G&S top pro speedbag swivel’s design with double pin chain clip hanger lets the bag hang, with minimum friction resistance, transcending the clunky single ball and socket swivel, or simple eyehook hanging apparatus standard to that point. G&S was a game changer in the ethereal world of speedbag swivels; an unsung essential component in one of the secrets to hand speed in the world of boxing. This simple technological advancement put forth by the G&S top pro swivel forever advanced the skills of boxing, resulting in blistering combinations, and lightening hand eye reflexes becoming the norm. The G&S top pro swivel effectively revolutionized the sport. G&S still makes swivels, and can be found at 43 Essex Street, NYC

Billy Comparetto

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